Business Insurance

Discover the ease of doing business with The Strong Insurance Agency

Business insurance is a powerful way to keep your business operating when something bad happens. Whether it be a natural disaster, an accident, or a lawsuit, you may face situations where you could lose everything you have worked hard to build. When you own a business, you have to think a few steps ahead and protect what you own. A dedication to service and relationships with top carriers make the agents at The Strong Insurance Agency great people to discuss your business insurance options with.

BOP and Its Uses

A standard form of business insurance is called BOP, or business owners policy. This kind of policy includes a variety of protection from a number of potential issues. With a BOP policy, you may be sufficiently covered, covered in ways you don’t need, or not covered in ways you do. Your specific needs are why you should speak to an experienced agent before making a decision. Not only do we work and live in Maine, we understand how state laws impact your business.

The Strong Insurance Agency Experience

At The Strong Insurance Agency, we enjoy what we do and so should you! That’s why we strive to provide convenience. Speaking to one of our agents is a great way to save yourself a lot of headaches. Right this moment you could be vulnerable and not even know it, or paying for a policy you don’t need. We can help get everything straight. Just give us a call to get started, today!

If you have a condo, you should protect it the same way you would protect a freestanding home, only with condo insurance. If you live in a mobile home, it may be more vulnerable than other types of residences, which is why it’s important to seek out mobile home insurance.

Speaking to your The Strong Insurance Agency agent about the type of policy that would best benefit you is a great way to stay ahead of problems and be ready if they happen. Even a rental property can and should be covered.

Other Coverage Options

In addition to BOPs, The Strong Insurance Agency offers the following coverage:

The point is, there is a lot to go over and it can get complicated. You should work with an agent that puts your best interest first, not just by finding the right coverage to meet your company’s specific needs, but also by making doing business easy and enjoyable.